The deliverables allocated to the four subtasks will be:

Subtask A: Adaptation

D.A1 Compilation of climatic conditions and applications / demands
D.A2 Report on adapted market available components for solar cooling and adapted system concepts
D.A3 Potential for solar cooling based on energy efficient buildings & processes
D.A4 Report on standardization activities

Subtask B: Demonstration

D.B1 Collection of existing applications, projects and products and future potential new ones
D.B2 Design, integration, and monitoring guidelines
D.B3 Collection of technical and economic key performance indicators
D.B4 Standardization and cooling kit solutions
D.B5 Selection of best practice and lessons learned

Subtask C: Assessment & Tools

D.C1 Report on tools form pre-design to detailed simulation models
D.C2 Technical and economic database for assessment of solar cooling
D.C3 Adapted assessment toolD.C4 Technical and economic benchmarking for solar cooling plants

Subtask D: Dissemination

D.D1 IEA website and best practise website
D.D2 Report on financing models
D.D3 Roadmaps for solar cooling in sunbelt countries
D.D4 Book/Booklet
D.D5 Report on workshops
D.D6 List of Stakeholders and activities