The Task is organized in four main activities / Subtasks, derived from the described key areas:

Subtask A: Adaptation
Subtask B: Demonstration
Subtask C: Assessment & Tools
Subtask D: Dissemination 

Subtask A: Adaptation

A1 Climatic conditions & applications
A2 Adapted components
A3 Adapted systems
A4 Building and process optimization potential
A5 Standardization activities

Subtask B: Demonstration

B1 Show cases on system and component level
B2 Design Guidelines
B3 KPI definitions
B4 Standardized Solar Cooling Kits
B5 Lessons learned (technical and non-technical)

Subtask C: Assessment & Tools

C1 Design tools and models
C2 Database for technical and economic assessment
C3 Assessment mechanism
C4 Benchmarking and sensitivity analysis

Subtask D: Dissemination

D1 Homepage / publications
D2 Policy advice & financing models
D3 Guideline / Roadmaps for sunbelt countries
D4 Book or booklet
D5 Workshops
D6 Stakeholder Engagement