Task 65
Task 65
SHC Task 65

Solar Cooling for the Sunbelt Regions

Solar Cooling for the Sunbelt Regions


The goal of the proposed Task is to focus on innovations for affordable, safe and reliable Solar Cooling systems for the Sunbelt regions worldwide. Generally, this requires a combination of cost reduction, simplifications of the systems and stimulation of market conditions through policies. The implementation/adaptation of components and systems for the different boundary conditions is forced by cooperation with industry and with support of target countries like UAE through Mission Innovation (MI) Innovation Challenge “Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings” (IC7). It is the expectation that this new approach of linking SHC Task work with MI IC7 activities and funding opportunities for Solar Cooling helps to develop a market uptake of Solar Cooling in the Sunbelt regions. The innovation driver and the keyword is Adaption of existing concepts/technologies to the Sunbelt regions using solar energy either solar thermal or solar PV.

Task Information

July 2020June 2024

Dr. Uli Jakob
+49 174 4130921

What's New
  • Solar cooling concepts for hot climates - The just started international research platform Solar Cooling for the Sunbelt region is very popular among research institutions, manufacturers and consultancies around the world. Already more than 50 organisations from the green-marked countries on the map have signed a letter of support. Other institutions based in the blue-coloured countries are in progress of establishing a cooperation with the new solar cooling research group called Task 65 which is supported by the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. (Posted: 2020-07-10)